July 07 d. 19:00 Birštonas Kurhaus



Commemorating Sigitas Geda’s jubilee year
Lina Krėpštaitė (piano)
Indrė Andruškevičiūtė (violin)
Asta Krištaponienė (cello)


Arvo Pärt, Gunnar de Frumerie, Giya Kancheli, Zita Bružaitė, Raimundas Martinkėnas, and the poems by Sigitas Geda.

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Ticket prices on the day of the event: EUR 13. Discounts do not apply on the day of the event.

The universal Lithuanian poet Sigitas Geda would have been 80 years old this year. To commemorate the genius of the composer and to celebrate this honourable anniversary, the Kaunas Piano Trio and baritone Giedrius Prunskus have prepared a programme that reflects the wide range of Sigitas Geda’s interests and his unique work.

Sigitas Geda is a poet of mythical memory who modernised Lithuanian poetry. He has created a unique artistic world in which myth, religion, culture, literature, nature, history and human everyday life have merged. His poetry has a constant connection between what was in prehistory and what is today. Earth, space and man are perceived as equal partners, and the song of life is constantly being sung. His vital man seems to continue God’s work, multiplying and fructifying existence with a relentless word that magically changes the action of reality. This is the manifestation of the will to live in Lithuanian literature,” says literary scholar Kęstutis Nastopka about the work of Sigitas Geda.

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