July 19 d. 19:00 Bank of Lithuania in Kaunas



Ensemble DUODECO
Artistic Director Povilas Vanžodis (tenor)
Augustė Andrijauskaitė, Justina Leinartaitė (sopranos)
Ūla Zemeckytė, Evita Rudžionytė (mezzo-sopranos)
Evaldas Alekna (tenor)
Gabrielius Gaidamavičius, Arūnas Maliukas (basses)

Vytautas Miškinis, Lukasz Urbaniak, Edward Bairstow, Moses Hogan, Ivo Antognini, Charles Villiers Stanford, Eric Whitacre, Jennifer Lucy Cook, Caroline Shaw, Howard Skempton, Ily Matthew Maniano

Ticket prices: Ticket price 18 Eur. Seniors (with IDs) get a 30% discount on 1 ticket. Disabled persons (with IDs) get 50% discount on 1-2 tickets. Young people (7-24 years old) get a 30% discount on 1 ticket. Children under 6 years are admitted free of charge.
Ticket prices on the day of the event: 20 Eur. Discounts are not available on the day of the concert.

Vocal ensemble Duodeco is a Vilnius-based collective of eight music professionals, formed in 2019 and led by the promising choir conductor and singer Povilas Vanžodis. It is a flexible, contemporary ensemble, performing both early and contemporary compositions and aims to promote the genre of ensemble singing in Lithuania.

The ensemble’s new musical programme “More Sweet Than My Refrain” invites listeners to a world of unknown sounds and emotions. This concert is a musical meditation, incorporating the sounds of different cultures and countries.

It is a musical journey where the performers will make you forget your everyday worries and immerse you in a labyrinth of sounds. Each piece is like a new twist, each harmony like the unveiling of a mystery. So stop. Be still. Prepare for the journey.

In accordance with the rules of the Bank of Lithuania, representatives of the Bank of Lithuania have the right to carry out a physical check of the spectators’ bags.

After the festival, you will find a recording of the concert here:

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