June 18 d. 18:00 Kaunas State Philharmonic



Mykhaylo Zakharov (violin, Ukraine/Austria)
Mariia Mohylevska (cello, Ukraine)
Roman Lopatynsky (piano, Ukraine)Programme:
Osvaldas Balakauskas – “Nine Sources”
Felix Mendelssohn – Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 49
Borys Lyatoshynsky – Piano Trio No. 2 in D minor, Op. 41

Ticket prices: EUR 10. Senior citizens (with ID cards) are eligible for a 30% discount on one ticket. Persons with disabilities (with disability cards) are eligible for a 50% discount on one or two tickets. Young people (aged 7-25) are eligible for a 30% discount on one ticket.
Ticket prices on the day of the event: EUR 12. Discounts do not apply on the day of the event.

“Throughout this year, it is important for us as musicians to show our unity and to present Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian music in the context of European culture. To demonstrate the interaction between Ukrainian and Lithuanian cultures and to thank the Lithuanian society, which wholeheartedly supports the choice of our country and the people of Ukraine to fight against the aggressor,” the Lyatoshynsky Trio musicians introduce the main idea of the forthcoming concert.

The chamber music ensemble Lyatoshynsky Trio is also fighting back by actively presenting the music and traditions of the Ukrainian people in Europe. The ensemble’s repertoire is full of contemporary opuses in addition to the classics. They focus on the performance and dissemination of their nation’s musical creativity, presenting both lesser-known masterpieces of Ukrainian chamber music and premieres of new works. According to the ensemble members, the promotion of Ukrainian music is an important factor in creating a strong image of a modern country on the world stage.

We invite you to support Ukrainian culture and not to miss a concert by one of the most famous Ukrainian chamber music ensembles.

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