XXIII Pažaislis music

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As if replicating the eternal circle of time, the beginning of the summer brings the twenty second Pažaislis Music Festival to Kaunas, Kaunas district and other concert spaces all over Lithuania, and invites everybody to the feast that lasts for three months. Over these years the festival have created deep traditions and became recognised even in the most distant corners of the country. The number of people attending the concerts shows the quality, originality and attractiveness of the events.

The listeners will be able to enjoy the 22nd Pažaislis Music Festival from the beginning of June till the end of August. This summer the music feast will introduce as much as 43 events held in traditional concert spaces in Kaunas city and its nearest districts, under the arks of Lithuanian Churches, in the halls and barns of the marvelous restored manors, and non-traditional spaces which initial purpose has been gradually transformed into art and music attraction centres adored by the listeners.

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